Japan Knowledge A Tradition of Success

Japan Knowledge is Israels premier provider of business services designed to bridge the gaps between Israel and Japan. With over 20 years of experience and a strong track record, Japan Knowledge is poised to provide you with the keys to success in the Japanese market.

Ms. Vered Farber, the founder and driving force behind Japan Knowledge, has a degree in business management and lived in Japan over 7 years. During that time, she gained first-hand, in-depth insight into Asian cultures and business norms, and became keenly aware of the differences in the Asian mindset. Without this understanding, business negotiations are simply an exercise in futility, with both parties talking at cross purposes.

Upon returning to Israel, Vered Farber became the first ever to offer Israeli businesses a full portfolio of services designed specifically to give them the tools they need to successfully overcome the challenges of doing business in Japan. As the best-established company in this field in Israel, Japan Knowledge has had the privilege to have been involved in important transactions and successes of leading Israeli companies in fields as diverse as high-tech, import/export and consumer appliances.

Japan Knowledge is proud to offer the following business services:

  • Helping global companies interested in penetrating the Japanese market find business partners
  • Coaching and training businesspeople on corporate culture in the various countries across Asia
  • Managing and mentoring outsourced projects for companies
  • Training businesspeople on how to negotiate in japan, sell to Japanese companies and market their products/services correctly
  • Technology services: Building and promoting websites in Japanese- Asian languages and SEO/PPC services on local portals
  • Promoting online marketing companies
  • Translation division that is among the Israels largest and best respected for Asian languages
  • Israels only language school for Japanese and Asian languages

Japan Knowledge: Opens the door to business in Japanese market

Departments and Services

To provide our clients with the best possible, highly professional service,
Japan Knowledge is divided up into six specialist departments, employing the most highly qualified experts in each field. This means that the Company can offer a very wide range of services: Searches for Japanese partners for Israeli businesses, marketing and market penetration expertise and training in the understanding of Japanese business practices for managers and teams about to venture into Japanese markets. For the wider public, Japan Knowledge runs preparation and enrichment courses for those going to live in Japan or whoever is interested in learning the Japanese language.

The Business Department
Getting into the Japanese Head

The Business Department at Japan Knowledge provides a range of solutions, individually adapted for each business client working with Japan, or about to begin activities in the Japanese marketplace. Japan Knowledge has business partnerships with Japanese companies in both Israel and Japan, which make it possible for Japan Knowledge to find potential strategic partners for our clients. Japan Knowledge also provides marketing support and business advice based on an intimate understanding of Japanese markets, which enable our clients to operate much more effectively.

Japanese Language Studies
Because you can only learn Japanese from the Japanese

If you are traveling to Japan on a business trip, planning a dream vacation or you are about to visit a very important client do you want to also enjoy a Manga film in the original Japanese? Japan Knowledge is the leading company running Japanese language courses. You can learn spoken Japanese at all levels from experienced Japanese teachers through private lessons or in a group.

Japan Knowledge provides private lessons for business people and in-house courses for the public, both adults and children, all across the country.

Translation Department
We know the Japanese from the inside

Japan Knowledges Translation Department provides high-quality translation services through the services of a professional, experienced team specializing in all the Asian languages. Japan Knowledge also provides interpreters for business meetings and a chaperoning service for visiting Japanese guests and delegations. Japan Knowledge works in close cooperation with leading translation companies in Japan, China and South Korea, specializing in localization and providing a unique business intelligence service. Translators are available for the following Asiatic languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Filipino and more

Before reaching a foreign country, you must
make your acquaintance

Both research and hands on experience teach us that focused preparation of the family for a period of two to three months makes all the difference between a hard start and a soft landing. Proper preparation reduces anxieties (most importantly, for children), increases confidence and the likelihood of a long-term stay and makes the process a lot easier for everyone during the first few weeks.

Japan Knowledges preparation program includes:

  • General knowledge about Japan
  • Recommendations about accommodation and information about the real estate markets in Japan
  • Cultural training
  • Practices and ceremonies during the initial period
  • Day-to-day life and the running of a Japanese household
  • Japanese language studies for immediate survival on arriving in the country - for both the employee and the family.
  • Business tips
  • The tools for successful absorption into Japanese society when can you eat kosher, restaurant recommendations, where to shop without spending a months salary in a week

Business Culture Training

Japan Knowledge specializes in training individuals and groups of business people in how to bridge the cultural gap successfully and how to conduct a fruitful meeting business meeting with the Japanese.

To provide the best possible service, Japan Knowledge has developed a range of constantly updated teaching and implementation tools with a proven track record. These tools are the most efficient way to make the Japanese cultural codes understandable, even without understanding the language.

The following is a partial list of the subjects you can select to study:

  • Japanese Culture an overview
  • Why do cultural differences exist and where did it all begin?
  • Business culture and practices
  • Service and customer service
  • Teamwork
  • The business meeting
  • Business protocol business cards and gifts
  • Japanese concepts that help to understand the culture
  • The group and the individual
  • Decision-making
  • Changes in Japanese society over the past decade
  • How to create a positive dynamic with your Japanese partner
  • The dos and the donts
  • Pre-departure


The Leisure and Enrichment Department
There is more to Japan than sushi

The Leisure and Enrichment Department at Japan Knowledge has vast experience working with the human resources departments in leading organizations and commercial enterprises. The department constructs a series of personalized courses and workshops for each employee in the organization, designed to provide them with a fascinating glimpse of Japanese culture through unforgettable cultural events.

The format: Either small or large groups in the mornings or evenings.

A sample of the workshops available for selection:

  • A morning of Japanese art and culture
  • Cultural morning Religious philosophies and the tea ceremony
  • Culinary morning There is more to Japan than sushi

Guest Artists

  • Japanese calligraphy the art of the brush
  • Japanese pottery
  • Lecture on Japanese food and home cooking
  • Religion and Philosophy in Japan the links between Buddhism and Kabbalah
  • Paper folding (origami) and the creative arts
  • Japanese art musical instruments and melodies
  • Japanese history
  • The seasons of the year
  • Anthropology and religion in Japan


Clients and Recommendations

During its six years of activities, Japan Knowledge has worked with dozens of leading companies, including; BMC, Checkpoint, Teva and many more

To their advantage and full satisfaction, Japan Knowledge has organized business practice workshops, translation services and interpreters and has designed cultural events based on Japanese themes.
To view letters of recommendation, (Hebrew) press here.

Japan Knowledge
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